Friday, March 31, 2006

700 Club's Pat Robertson on "Radical" Professors

A Little video i foiund on the PFAW site (People for the American Way).
700 Club's Pat Robertson on "Radical" Liberal Professors

"You don't want your children to be brainwashed by these people"


Sunday, March 19, 2006


DON'T BE ONE. It's good that many young people are even somewhat interested in politics, but if you’re going to debate them then please, just read a little (that means reading, if you remember what that means). You can't trust the TV so just read the REAL news. So if you want to debate than have some facts, then you will have a real argument besides rambling repeating slogans and pseudo-intellectualism. Thank you and good night.

My Weekend of Protest

I had the most 1960's-esque weekend. I just got back from a protest in Ann Arbor. Friday was the most stereotypical high school party, if you can imagine. Saturday I went to a war protest in my small town of Northville, which is surprising due to its conservative small town nature, over 200 people showed up! This was truly amazing.

I only wish more young people would get more involved in the affairs of their own nation. Many of the young people were surprised to see each other there, we all feel alone, only if we could just communicate more. That seems to be a large problem among not only young people but also the entire Democratic Party. I find there to be many closet democrats. In the last election I’m almost certainly positive that the result would have been different if only more young people had voted. Many people think that one vote does not count but that such an ignorant statement, it really is.

Anyway, after protesting awhile a crowed of opposing republican pro-war supporters gathered. They basically had no basis of an argument other then "I choose victory." That and "George W. Bush" sign's. Not one person on the anti-war had a sign of any party bias. No Hillary signs, no Grandholm ones, nothing; only a wide variety of cleaver slogans. To bad the pro-war supporters don't understand that they are celebrating the 3rd anniversary of invasion!

So we marched, we listened to music, speeches and what not and then lined up at the street with "honk if you want the troops home" signs and what not. Anyway, there was a lot of honking but still not enough.

Today I headed over to Ann Arbor to another protest, a much larger one. I would estimate over 600 protesters. I got there a little late so I didn't get to see the whole thing, but at least I got a "peace" lawn sign that my mother won't let me place in her lawn. I asked her "what you don't like peace?"

On the way back to the car I stopped at "Book's &..." and picked up some old picture sat 3 bucks a piece but had to sell them back for gasoline money, defiantly the most embarrassing moment of my day! But if you haven't checked that store out, you should. It owns thrift shops in the books and collectible area. They had vintage everything, good for all you indie kids out there.

There was some other 60's-esque things that happened but I can't talk about them right now, for this is a public blog, and all ages appropriate. But it defiantly was a good weekend.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Starting Over (Again...)

Yes... I'm revamping my blog… again (what is this the 3rd time since September?). The same deal only a little more in depth, with emphasis on social issues; ones concerning the common citizen of the United States. I also will continue posting reviews of films (with in depth analysis of films that have strong political themes such as Crash, Syriana, and Good Night and Good Luck), music, as well as travel diaries, short films made by me, opinions on local issues, and anything else i might want to throw in there (broad eh?).