Saturday, October 15, 2005

still, nothing to be proud of...

The Federal Deficit has droped belows last years record. The current Deficit is $319 Billion. Watch Bush brag about his so called improving economy, when in reality it is nothing to be proud of for the deficit is still rediclious. It's funny how when Bush came to office in 2000 we had a very nice suplus, then one 5 years later it broke the record deficit. The reason for this is the $1.35 Trillion tax break, and it didn't do jack shit for the economy eccept but us in this whole that the American people have to dig themselves out of. All because the decisions of rich buissiness men. There is also a reason why we had a surplus when Clinton was in office, a Deficit when Regan was in office... Its all because less taxes equalls more deficit. It's basic common scence. It's also common scence to say that the government can even this out by simplily spending less. But they have not. They spend more. This war is costing more and more money every day, and does it help the common good -- no. Katrina -- yes, but still it's not anywhere near the spending on the war. I simpily can not wait untill we have the democrats in power again, they just know whats going on, and a little more about what is good for the common man.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Tired of Terror Threat

Are my the only one that is sick of this terror bullshit? That’s the big issue all the time! Israel has terror attacks every day, we have one and we refer to everything as pre or post 9/11. It's not like this was some earth shattering even, we just made it into one. We have the most capable military in the world, we are the only superpower in the world and we can't catch one man. Maybe not catching him has something to do that we are looking in the wrong place? hmmm... DUU STUPID! Lets think about the original agenda: Afghanistan. And what about Saudi Arabia, an evil dictatorship that rules with an iron fist by publicly executing not supporters of there government and not allowing free speech or elections. And we support them? Make absolutely no sense. Bush says: with us or against us -- bullshit. Wake up people, we are not living under the constant threat of death. There is no reason to give up freedom for security. And biggest of all: the terrorist are not in Iraq they are in Saudi Arabia - our best buddies. Oh yea and one more thing, stop being all "your not an American unless you support the war" -- bullshit, complete bullshit, don’t believe a word of it.

GOP gives breaks to big Oil companys

Wow, what a surprise - not. The republican party has just drafted a bill to ease up on oil refineries. What does this do? Well it basically screws the consumer, screws the environment, and oh yea I forgot it helps the greedy corporate executives. Who do big business and conservatives always have to mingle so close?

the people have spoken

and President Bush is the worst president in the history of America. (Based on approval rating and other factors). The CBS poll showed his approval rating has reached a all time low of 37% compared to 41% just last month, and it was something like 80% in 2001 was it not? Wow, that’s sad. It's also interesting to note some of the other factors such as the war in Iraq. 59% of the voters said they think the troops should get out as soon as possible, while only 36% said they want them to stay as long as it takes. 26% of the voters believe that the country is going in the right direction compared to 52% in 2003. I'm not like allot of democrats or liberals or whatever you like to call us. I don't think that Bush is evil or has strong hidden agendas, I just think he is not qualified to be the president of the United States of America. His under qualifications show in the quality of his governing.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Martin Scorsese's Bob Dylan Documentary

Has anyone seen it? It's called No Direction Home and it is directed by Martin Scorsese, which is awsome. It was aired on PBS recently and I pretty sure it is out on DVD to buy right now from Paramount Home Video. Please tell me if you liked it, I think I already decided that I am going to buy it.

Miers is too unknown

Miers has contradictions and secret stuff left and right. I don't even know were to begin. Bush has done democrats a favor this time by not nominating an ultra conservative, or has he? Is she pro-life or pro-choice? Is she pro-gay or anti-gay? Is she this or is she that? We don't know!

look at some of this analysis from

Miers handed bush pre 9/11 papers

read this

wow, this is funny. is there some connection between this and why conservitives hate her?

Saturday, October 01, 2005

I feel sorry for the Animals

Big new in the world of the environment. The Endangered Species Act was approved to be rewritten on Thursday to give landowners more rights and Animals virtually no rights. Basically rich landowners can decide if they want to protect the animals or not, and then grants if they decide to do so. What people don't understand is that they DONT care so that’s why the bill was created in the first time. Endangered animals are innocent and are venerable and need the protection of the law to stay alive. This bill takes away there chance of survival and basically spits on it in the name of ignorant landowners. I have been watching the news very heavily lately because it seems like there have been more extreme conservative bills coming out of the capitol building in recent months. Please! Please! Make them stop! There is not that much time left before all our rights are taken away and given to rich, rich, Christian conservatives. For this instance I feel sorry for the animals.

florida is the new texas

Florida might be the biggest shithole of a state next to Texas. There high population of grumpy, greedy old people vote against education and vote for more guns. Yes, a recent bill states that any gun owner has the right to shoot anyone in the name of defense, and not be charged with any crime. And by defense I don't even mean the person is about to die, I mean just a slight bit of insecurity. I must say the terrorists are winning, everyone is sooo scared now a days. More security! More guns! Stop freedom of speech! Support the Patriot Act! --- BULLSHIT!!! Fucking Florida must be the biggest shithole of a state next to Texas I swear. I would be ashamed to live there with all those ignorant rednecks and republicans!