Friday, July 14, 2006

Israel's war with Lebanon

Is Israel on the brink of war with Lebanon? It looks like it’s already started. The conflict began three days ago with the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers. Israel struck back with missile attacks on Beirut’s International Airport, effectively shutting it down, while also blockading major Beirut’s ports. [a map of the conflict area summarizes the attacks, nytimes].

The European Union is criticizing Israel’s overdone reaction as: “disproportionate use of force” while President Bush strongly supports Israel’s attacks, saying: “Israel has a right to defend herself.” [nytimes] He also offers a unsupported theory that democracy’s do not support terrorism even while Iran and Palestine both have democratically elected governments, while forgetting the oppressive governments of the twentieth that were democratically elected.
What many are forgetting in the media is that Israel is holding many Palestinian captives and also, until yesterday, occupied the Gaza Strip. A U.N. Security Council resolution that condemns Israel of “disproportionate use of force,” was vetoed by the U.S.
Is this the reaction that should be from the U.S.? No, the U.S. should be supportive of a cease-fire and call for peace, not a massive revenge campaign.

War truly is an awful and horrific aspect of primitive human society. We need to work towards progress and a peaceful society throughout the entire world, assuring in a new age of human progress and development. It can be done, and done without the death of thousands and millions of innocent people.

As new information is provided, and new thoughts occur in my head, I will continue writing on this topic.