Thursday, April 27, 2006

Bush and GOP Prefer Big Business over the Consumer

As the recent realization that petroleum costs might be gouged buy corporations to make huge profits, the American people are demanding something be done to control prices at the pump. President Bush and the GOP proposed a few plans, but is a far cry from a plan that will reasonably affect prices, especially in a long term.

The Republican plan calls for stopping shipments to the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve and "follow suit on what we have been emphasizing, particularly through the energy bill, and that is to encourage conservation, to expand domestic production and to develop alternative sources of energy like ethanol,” bush said. Bush also plans on temporarily easing EPA clean air regulations to help “shortages.”

Meanwhile, Exxon Mobile, the world’s most profitable corporation recorded profits of $36.1 Billion in 2005 as well as giving executives huge salaries and retirement compensations worth hundreds of millions of dollars. I’m very curious of the reasons why republicans are blinded by this. They are putting on a show saying that “[we] won't want and will not accept is manipulation of the market” bush said.

Bush is also fooling the American people by saying "Record oil prices and large cash flows also mean that Congress has got to understand that these energy companies don't need unnecessary tax breaks like the write-offs.” Even though in 2005 Bush signed into affect the first energy legislation in decades. His act gave $14.5 Billion in tax breaks to big oil companies. Republicans claimed these tax breaks would spark research into alternative energy, new technology, and domestic sources of energy. Instead it just gave more money to the big oil, allowing them to make even larger profits.

I hope I’m not the only person that realizes the correlation between Bush and big business. For example in the 2004 presidential campaign the largest single contributors were major banks and financial services firms. Later, in a “coincidence” the first piece of major legislation happened to be the Bankruptcy Reform Act. This act controversially benefits firms during bankruptcy and gives firms more power to rape consumers with unfair financial practices. In addition to this one example, Bush almost always favors big businesses over the consumer and the common American; Lobbying for legislation that benefits big businesses by deregulation and by making it harder for Americans to succeed fairly. This comes in hand in no better example then the oil companies, as deregulation has lead to massive problems with price gouging and unfair practices by big oil.

Deregulation could be the single most dangerous thing republicans can achieve while in control of congress, for it takes years to undo. Just as deregulation in the 1980’s lead to corporations such as Enron taking advantage over the consumer, the current deregulation can lead to devastating affects on the working class.

What needs to be done to help the citizens of this nation is tough regulation of oil companies and stiff prosecution for unfair price gouging. Not ridiculous short term “solutions” such as opening the ANWR or easing up EPA regulation.

We might not be able to achieve the prices we are looking for this summer but hopefully when the Dems take back control of congress later early next year something can get done. Until then, I recommend taking the bus, riding a bike, or buying a Toyota Prius. I’ll keep on updating with more as the events unfold.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Help me with my Zine

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Tony Snow to become White House Press Sec?

Well this is what Mr. Snow has to say about Mr. Bush: "An Embarrassment," "Impotent," "Doesn't Seem To Mean What He Says"...

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Monday, April 24, 2006

Ronald, government is the solution not the problem

I seriously wish Public transportation where I live (the suburbs of Detroit, MI) would just be a little bit better. I would take it everywhere. But right now it sucks! No trains what so ever, no subways, horrible bus system (which by the way is being reduced and removed in Livonia). Why ride public transport? Because gas prices are expected to rise to record levels this summer. Up to 100 dollars for a barrel of petroleum, this comes out to over 5 bucks a gallon at the pump. My mom is doing something right now, looking into buying a Toyota Prius. I'm trying to do something by getting a more fuel efficient vehicle. But trust me, this is not enough alone.

The consumer is NOT in power as many conservative voices are saying; the corporate executives of oil companies are in control. With oil companies reporting record profits my question to them is: Why not take that profit and reinvest into alternatives fuels and new technology? But of course they will not listen; they just waste the money on stock holders, executive salaries, and misleading television commercials. (I’m actually watching one right now).

What I hate the most is when conservatives believe that high gas prices are the result of supply and demand. Come on! It’s not a result of supply and demand. We are not running out of Oil! And no Ronald, free market capitalism is not the best thing for the nation, and government is the solution to the problem, you sad ignorant man. At least your policy bought a lot of houses in the vineyard though, right?

What needs to be done is for the federal government to take emergency action to protect the American people. Michigan’s Governor Jennifer Grandholm is asking the federal government to do just that. In addition, I would like to see President Bush take permanent action to initiate aggressive research into alternative fuels and become completely independent of foreign fuel. Hydrogen Combustion Engines are a completely feasible alternative to gasoline and can be mass produced for extremely low prices. All that needs to be done is add a new pump to the local gas station: "Hydrogen - %1.00/gal." But still I have never seen such a thing.

Why? Well the reasons are numerous and there is no one answer but what I know is that something needs to be done and we must do something about it - the consumer, the corporations, and most importantly (contrary to popular conservative belief) the government.

So with my options scarce as far as public transportation and alternative fueled vehicles, the price for energy and transportation lays in the hands not of me (the consumer) but in the hands of big business and the hand of the government which can regulate that business – and should.

Bush approval rating at all time low

The latest CNN poll shows Bush's overall approval at an all time low of 32%
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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Happy Earth Day!

It's Earth Day. To celebrate go ride a bike instead of driving, eat organic food, and don’t eat anything made from animals, recycle as much as possible, run the water a little less, keep the lights off a little later, roll down the windows in the car instead of the air conditioning, oh there is thousands of possibilities. At least do one or more of the latter. Bye Bye.

Friday, April 21, 2006

"Science is Cool"

Bush supports growing science skills in middle school and high school and supporting research; being competitive with Japan and others. But what Huffington Post’s Steve Benen points out is that not only does Bush not know what he is talking about but he contradicts himself with his policy of knocking down any science program that doesn't fit his larger agenda (think evolution, stem-cells, global warming).

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Thursday, April 20, 2006

New Proposed Constitutional Amendment?

"Amendment Would Eliminate Congressional Representation for Illegal Aliens"
- from summary of H.J. Res. 53

That’s all you need to know to make a educated opinion. come on, seriously, that’s the republican solution to the problem - Take away their representation so then we can steal southern California for the republicans! That has to be the dumbest amendment ever. It sounds alright at first, but then think about it for awhile and it becomes clear that it is unnecessary. Why don't republicans just take care of the problem by strengthening the borders? To me, just about the only republican even close to doing anything is George W. Bush! Blasphemy, I know.

Protester at Bush’s Hu Welcome Ceremony

Today a protester with a press pass entered the lawn of the white house to eventually yell out against Chinese communist leader Hu Jintao. The Chinese President wanted to ensure his people that the U.S. has respect for China. Bush welcomed Hu with a full military salute. During the speech, however, a protester posing as reporter yelled out in protest against the communist leader. Bush and Hu later went on to discuss many issues including the nuclear ambitions of North Korea and Iran.

The ironic thing about this story is not a protester disrupting the ceremony, or the very important topics Bush was discussing. What was ironic is that Bush just finished saying “freedom… to speak freely” in regards to the Chinese people. Here is a video I found at Crooks and Liars.

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Bill O'Reilly to send "Fox Security" on you!

If you havn't seen this already, I would like to point it out because its so very interesting. Fox talk show host and national syndicated radio show host Bill O'Reilly in march threatened to send the "Fox Security" on a caller just for mentioning Keith Olbermann (hoast of Countdown w/ Keith Olberman on CNN). Olbermann and O'Reilly have had a ongoing fued for a long time now, Olbermann putting O'Reilly on the "Worst Person in the World" tens of times. O'Reilly gets pissed; click here to listen.

I'm the decider!

Bush on the recent push by retired generals for Rumsfeld to resign...

Pres. Bush: "I'm the decider, and I decide what's best. And what's best is for Don Rumsfeld to remain as the secretary of defense."

damn, I wish i could find that audio clip. how many times did they play on Franken today? like, 20?

Reefer Madness

No, I'm sad to say that this post has nothing to do with the classic film reefer madness. Better, though, is California’s drug rehabilitation program in stead of incarceration. Apparently results are good, in fact excellent. To anyone who supports the “War on Drugs” I would like to enlighten you on the prospect of a better way of preventing drug use besides criminalization/incarceration. As Dave Fratello (huffington post) reports here, In California the results are so spectacular that it is even saving the state government massive amounts of money.

So how are we doing with this new policy? UCLA researchers compared the first two years of experience with Prop. 36 with two sample years before. They found that far fewer people were being incarcerated for drug offenses, and that the state had saved $2.50 for every dollar put into the program.

These savings were calculated in hard dollars - actual savings to government with real individuals - a major strength of the study. Savings were even higher for people who completed their treatment: $4 for every $1. The program saved $173.3 million in the first year alone, a mighty peace dividend after years of drug wars.

This means Prop. 36 has saved state and local governments at least $800 million, as this New York Times editorial notes -- and that's after California spent $660 million on drug treatment programs. Add in the savings from prison construction that has been avoided, at least $500 million, and the program is on track to save more than $1.3 billion.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Media reports false info from GOP

I just had to put this in here. The media apparently repeated many times the FALSE claim of the GOP that house dem's were in favor of a felony provision in the immigration reform.

Summary: Several news outlets have uncritically reported GOP leaders' claim that Democrats voted in favor of the controversial felony provision in the Republican-sponsored House immigration bill. But while House Democrats rejected an amendment reducing the charge for unlawful presence in the United States from a felony to a misdemeanor, they made clear at the time that their votes were consistent with their opposition to any criminal penalties for illegal U.S. presence.

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Media Hides Facts on Illinois Gov.

Media Matters for America never seems to disapoint me. Fox News, and now even NPR are hiding the real truth.

Summary: On April 17, numerous news outlets -- including NBC, CBS, NPR, and Fox News -- covering former Illinois governor George Ryan's conviction on corruption charges failed to mention that he is a Republican. Time magazine went a step further, omitting Ryan's Republican affiliation while reporting that "the current administration of Democrat Rod Blagojevich is also being investigated."

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Iran War Plan?

Reading the Washington Post's Blogger: William M. Arkin's post on the news of a possible contingency plan of the Pentagon to attack Iran. President Bush called it "wild speculation" and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld called it "Fantasy Land" while saying "it just isn't useful" to talk about contingency planning. While that's an outright lie, there response to these very real speculations are always that is either not real, or the classic 'not good for the country'. Well Mr. President, it is good for the country, and more important to you - its also good for Iran to know our plans. Iran needs to understand the administrations strong intent on ridding the world of countries with WMD's (but only if the have some affect on our oil of course). Part of the contingency plan includes protecting the Strait of Hormuz (one of the main oil exporting pathways in the middle east). Gotta protect our oil! Of course, we never put large sums of money into a REAL switch from petrol to hydrogen. Anyways... Back to this war plan. Arkin says that there are two main triggers for war with Iran.

On the surface, Iran controls the two basic triggers that could set off U.S. military action. The first would be its acquisition of nuclear capability in defiance of the international community. Despite last week's bluster from Tehran, the country is still years away from a nuclear weapon, let alone a workable one. We may have a global strike war plan oriented toward attacking countries with weapons of mass destruction, but that plan is also focused on North Korea, China and presumably Russia. The Bush administration is not going to wait for a nuclear attack. The United States is now a first-strike nation.

The second trigger would be Iran's lashing out militarily (or through proxy terrorism) at the United States or its allies, or closing the Strait of Hormuz to international oil traffic. Sources say that CENTCOM and the Joint Chiefs of Staff have developed "flexible deterrent options" in case Iran were to take such actions.

These triggers along with the possible an accidental war beginning.

In a world of ready war plans and post-9/11 jitters, there is an ever greater demand for intelligence on the enemy. That means ever greater risks taken in collecting that intelligence. Meanwhile, war plans demand that forces be ready in certain places and on alert, while the potential for WMD necessitates shorter and shorter lead times for strikes against an enemy. So the greater danger now is of an inadvertent conflict, caused by something like the shooting down of a U.S. spy plane, by the capturing of a Special Operations or CIA team, or by nervous U.S. and Iranian forces coming into contact and starting to shoot at one another.

So with this, we ask: What is our power over Iran; how long will it take for us to attack?

The day-to-day planning for dealing with Iran's missile force falls to the U.S. Strategic Command in Omaha. In June 2004, Rumsfeld alerted the command to be prepared to implement CONPLAN 8022, a global strike plan that includes Iran. CONPLAN 8022 calls for bombers and missiles to be able to act within 12 hours of a presidential order. The new task force, sources have told me, mostly worries that if it were called upon to deliver "prompt" global strikes against certain targets in Iran under some emergency circumstances, the president might have to be told that the only option is a nuclear one.

Arkin leaves you with this

The war planning process is hardly neutral. It has subtle effects. As militaries stage mock attacks, potential adversaries become presumed enemies. Over time, contingency planning transforms yesterday's question marks into today's seeming certainty.

This seems very scary to me, for War with Iran is basicly the brink of World War III. How many countries have to be at war to be considered a World War? Just something to think about before forgetting about diplomatic strategies to stop this.

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

if the president does it, its not illegal?

President Bush authorized the leak of secret CIA intelligence. This breaking news today stunted me because if anyone can remember that bush said when the leak happened pre-war he said he fire anyone in his administration that leaked this intelligence. Well it was him all along! So then Bush say goodbye, resign or be impeached. The Republican Party needs to stand up and ask Bush to offer his resignation, and Cheney, and um the entire cabinet. Nixon once said that wiretapping was allowed because he was the president, but I think he forgot something called rule of law. Maybe, possibly? Well I have alot do so I’ll talk about this later. So read this BBC article on the breaking news: click.