Thursday, August 10, 2006

Terror Alert = Terror, Tyranny

Today the Ministry of Homeland Security declared a Code Red terror alert on all flights from the U.K. to the U.S. and a Code Orange for all flights in and bound for U.S. Now what seems to be the problem with alerting the public to a possible terror attack? Well nothing, but there actually is no terror attack, the government just wants the average citizen to submit their civil liberties out of simple fear. Fear of being attacked by a enemy we have no real knowledge on, other then the “fact” that they are supposedly “Islamic” extremists. What many American’s are missing out on is who we are fighting and what the fighting is really for, and the reasons why things take place they way the do.

It’s September 11, 2001 and we have just been attacked by some terrifying force, completely unexpected to the average American. It was a day that sparked a revolution in the United States, a revolution towards tyranny, a true Reichstag Fire. In 1933 Hitler and his thugs burnt down the German parliament, blamed it on the communists, and used it as a motive to go to war, remove freedoms from the citizens, and declare martial law. It’s not been done just once, it’s been done many times in history, including in Rome, the US and Europe.

The neocon solutions to our problems with terrorism include giving up our basic civil liberties in order to fight the ongoing global “War on Terrorism;” awarding the President with unprecedented imperial powers, allowing him to practice total disregard for our constitution; and also giving us a “terror alert” so we will always know when and when not to be scared.

It is this method of fear and submission that the neocons love so very much; though, they’re plan to achieve total domination over the American people can and will not succeed if my faith in American people are true. I do truly believe the American people, as a whole, are good and compassionate people. This image, though, has been spoiled by a few bad apples (very evil ones, might I add). We have gone from being one of the most loved nations in the world, to one of the most despised. The American government has spewed their ideology of global dominance over the world throughout the Twentieth Century, but not until recently has this trend been so very real.

We, the good people of the United States, have essentially become the terrorists, the target of tyranny. We have surrendered, without a fair fight, our liberties to the USA Patriot Act, the war on terror, the REAL ID act, and similar legislation. The target of the government is not Islamic extremists living in caves in Afghanistan, or the deserts of Iraq, but rather the American people: the true enemy of the oppressor.

So what I ask of my reader today is that you stand up, question authority, refuse to submit to the tyranny, refuse to be placed in databases and viewed as a statistic. Refuse to allow the government, founded by the people, to wage a war on its own people. But most of all, to get out and speak your mind, fight the system that is created to destroy you, and become activists; because democracy starts at the bottom, with local government and grassroots organizing. And please, please, whatever you do, do not forget your rights… especially the one that was written down first on the much forgotten bill of rights.

Knowledge is Power.

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