Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Disaster Profiteering

The recent disaster in New Orleans has brought greedy business men to raise prices on gas, food, clothing and other necessities. Gas prices are not only effecting the gulf coast, they have effected the entire nation. My gas pump down the street is 3.10 a gallon and in Atlanta a gas station reported 5.57 per gallon! The entire nation might very well go up to that price unless we get the oil from the reserve, which the president, luckily, has announced, will happen. But it's not going to do enough. I think we need to have a restriction of price gouging, for the American people can not economically afford the consequences of the extreme gas prices. Go hurry up and fill up your cars because soon it will not only be the Gulf States that are experiencing emergencies, it will be the entire nation.

note: we need to go to hydrogen!

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