Wednesday, August 24, 2005

stop regressivism

here is how to stop regressivism. one, stop john roberts from being elected to the supreme court by the senate. nominee john roberts is a regressive extremist out to turn the nation into one with less and less freedoms. his agenda includes opposing roe vs. wade, favoring the national marriage amendment, favoring the fag burning amendment, favoring the usa patriot act, and many other right restricting amendments, bills and rulings. unless the senate votes against him the country may be see more and more similarities to a fascist state. two, stop the patriot act. giving up freedom for security is not acceptible. do not give up your rights for anything, not even security. so please, please, stop the patriot act now, and stop john roberts now.

listen to our founding fathers. they were some of the most brilliant people in the histroy of the untited states. they knew what is best for the nation, thats why they did what they did, and created the constitution and the bill of rights, and made sure our freedoms and liberty is protected and will never be sacraficed. here is a quote from one of those founding fathers, mabye the most famous of all.

They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security
- Benjamin Franklin


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey, I just read what you wrote, and I want your opinion on just one thing - Is This Guy a JERK or WHAT?!


Anonymous said...

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Aric Miller said...

sorry that i deleted 2 posts. i usually do not do that it's just that i don't like advertisments or things that have nothing to do with the post,. but thats to all of you other people with the great posts!

Josh D. said...

Interesting post, Aric.

I agree with you on John Roberts and where he stands on gay marriage. I have a completely opposite view than the Republicans on that topic.

Now, although I'm pro-life....I highly HIGHLY doubt the Republicans will ever get to overturn Roe v. Wade. Now there might be more and more restrictions (which there should be) but they will never ever be able to completely over turn it.

But, I think for people to complain about John Roberts and trying to prevent him from going onto the Supreme Court is flat out stupid. I really think George W. Bush gave Congress a fair and balanced person. After reading a huge article in Newsweek about John Roberts, I feel he is the best man you are going to get from George W.

Now when you said "fag burning amendmant" did you mean 'flag burning amendment'? If so, if you support the buring of the flag as "free speech" then thats disgusting.

Good blog, though.

Josh D. (from ILC)

Maybe I should start myself a blog.