Sunday, September 18, 2005

GOP changes there mind, again.

The Republicans finaly "abandon their reckless privatization plan.” And is it because it is just plain stupid? No, it's because they are afraid that they won't win the election in 2008, which they won't. The youth of America should rejoice, for now. Our Social Security is once again Secure, for now. No more extreamist republican privatization ideas will come out of Washington, for now. Actually, I can look at this as a bad thing as well as a good thing. Republicans have just enough sense to drop there idiotic plan or else risk there election. No that they have it just makes there polls stay and not drop, which would be favorable. Bush's approval rating has been below %50 for who knows how long, and I just complimenting the Republicans for being a little less of doo doo's.


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