Friday, September 16, 2005

A Small Victory in New England

Massachusetts’s legislature rejects a state constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. This is a small victory for progressivism and I hope more continue. It seems hard to believe that Republicans are against giving the right of marriage to homosexuals. I simply to not understand how it infringes on their rights in any way, some extremist right-wingers are even proposing an amendment to ban both gay marriage and civil unions. Come on! This is just plain hatred, and should not be tolerated in a modern free society. But are we really free? Progressives are fighting to make our country a real free nation. What ever happened to the pursuit of happiness?

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JD said...


First article I COMPLETELY agree with. It disgusts me how the Republicans handle gay marriage. How can we call ourselves the land of oppurtunity, the home of the free and brave. How can we even call ourselves Americans if we can't even grant homosexuals marriage. What part of that ISN'T prejudice. Thats like not allowing black people to marry white people. Its sick and wrong. Good post, I didn't hear much about it in the news.

Aric Miller said...
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