Friday, October 07, 2005

the people have spoken

and President Bush is the worst president in the history of America. (Based on approval rating and other factors). The CBS poll showed his approval rating has reached a all time low of 37% compared to 41% just last month, and it was something like 80% in 2001 was it not? Wow, that’s sad. It's also interesting to note some of the other factors such as the war in Iraq. 59% of the voters said they think the troops should get out as soon as possible, while only 36% said they want them to stay as long as it takes. 26% of the voters believe that the country is going in the right direction compared to 52% in 2003. I'm not like allot of democrats or liberals or whatever you like to call us. I don't think that Bush is evil or has strong hidden agendas, I just think he is not qualified to be the president of the United States of America. His under qualifications show in the quality of his governing.

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