Saturday, October 01, 2005

I feel sorry for the Animals

Big new in the world of the environment. The Endangered Species Act was approved to be rewritten on Thursday to give landowners more rights and Animals virtually no rights. Basically rich landowners can decide if they want to protect the animals or not, and then grants if they decide to do so. What people don't understand is that they DONT care so that’s why the bill was created in the first time. Endangered animals are innocent and are venerable and need the protection of the law to stay alive. This bill takes away there chance of survival and basically spits on it in the name of ignorant landowners. I have been watching the news very heavily lately because it seems like there have been more extreme conservative bills coming out of the capitol building in recent months. Please! Please! Make them stop! There is not that much time left before all our rights are taken away and given to rich, rich, Christian conservatives. For this instance I feel sorry for the animals.

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