Saturday, November 26, 2005

CIA director gets a medal?

I got this story from
But what about the huge CIA failure in intelligence that gave bush false intell to go to war with. Bush claims he acted on the intell iven to him, but even after he admits the CIA was wrong he give a medal to the CIA director. Makes no sence, i know.
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Anonymous said...

The picture is a year old. He was awarded that award in December of 04.

Aric Miller said...

thank you for that, I really needed you to tell me that.

NOT! I think I figured that one out on my own. The reason I posted this is beccause I want to give evidence sujesting the scandal concerning missleading the nation into war. Now i am not saying he did or did not. I don't know, and untill further investigations are conducted I have no way of knowing.

Thank you for posting though, I always like when people post!