Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Truth and Ignorance Zine

I’ve been thinking lately and I want to take my blog to print as a zine. I am planning on issuing it every two weeks and will be available for free. Ads will help us gain the revenue we need to operate. The material in the zine will be completely opinion based and editorialized. The issues I want to cover range from evolution, the economy and the war in Iraq. I am also planning on having sections were we discuss a country of choice and explore its culture, religion and such. The tentative title is the same as this blog (truth and ignorance), but I am willing to change it if anyone comes up with a better name. I need a lot of help and am willing to take any advice. Also, I am looking for liberal writers, but not strictly democrat; Socialists, Green Party, and moderate [socially liberal] Republicans are also welcome as well as independents with liberal views. If you are interested in writing then follow the steps below.

What I’m looking for in staff writers
Intelligent strong-minded viewpoints
Liberal viewpoints is a plus
Open minded, willing to look critically opposing viewpoints
Decent writing skills
Reliable to turn in work

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