Friday, May 05, 2006

Repeated History

Does anyone remember the McCarthy era, where communists were enemies of the way of life in America? And how we put measures forth to counter act any opposition of our so called beliefs or values, measures that target citizens of our own country and other independent nations as well? Well this history is clearly being repeated now more then ever as many are scared of terrorists, and we wire-tap our own people to stop these terrorists. Well what’s wrong with stopping terrorists? Nothing, it's just the way we are doing it. But this is not the problem I am talking about today, no, now it's something different. Instead of stopping communism we are targeting socialism. Many conservative pundits are calling socialism “a threat to America.” My question to them is: what about Britain, and virtually all of Europe? Are they a treat to America? The reason they are saying this right now is because recently Bolivia has nationalized their domestic oil in an attempt to stop foreign and probably American companies from drilling for cheap costs and little benefit to the people of Bolivia. As a landlocked country, and south Americas poorest nation, Bolivia has made an intelligent decision to better their country by claiming the oil that rightfully belongs to them, which it is. Why are they so angry? Because, it’s simple: this hurts big oil companies, and its simple that republicans love big oil companies. I mean our own president is an oil man. Anyway this in addition to bad publicity for Venezuela is contributing to the deterioration of the socialist image. This is unfortunate, but hopefully it won’t last long.

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