Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Wall-Mart... Sucks

A new study found that Wall-Mart has had a direct impact on poverty rates in the U.S., contributing to over 20,000 people falling below the poverty level. The reason is because Wall-Mart invades small towns and forces the small stores to close down, those employees that worked at those stores are forced to find a new job at Wall-Mart, and therefore receive a lower wage.

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Anonymous said...

Standing in line at walmart now. They f'd a prescription refil so they want u to wander the ailes for 45 minutes..... sucks

Hunger4Justice said...

I just waited for 2 HOURS because they screwed up my prescription REFILL (DUH,,same as the last 12 times..why is that so hard?)

Wall-Mart rips off the employees, denigrates the community, raises prices when local stores are forced out, delivers poor quality consumer foods/goods. I left everything in the aisle and will never shop at any Wall-Mart again.

Hunger4Justice said...

The family of a Maryland man who died in 2007 after a Wal-Mart pharmacy gave him a prescription that was intended for someone else, have settled their wrongful death lawsuit for an undisclosed sum.

The Wal-Mart pharmacy error lawsuit was filed by the family of George Smith in the United States District Court for the District of Maryland.

According to the complaint, Smith was given a prescription intended for someone else by his local Wal-Mart pharmacy and died eight days later as a result of illness caused by taking the wrong medication. Smith was 66 years old at the time of his death.

The Associated Press reports that a settlement was reached to compensate the family, but the terms of the agreement were sealed by the judge in Baltimore.

Over 1.5 million people are injured or killed every year in the United States by medication errors and pharmacy mistakes according to a 2006 report from the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies. These problems can be caused by physicians prescribing the wrong medicines, a pharmacy filling the incorrect drug or individuals being given someone else’s medication.

The medication mix up that resulted in the death of George Smith is not the only Walmart prescription error that has occurred in recent years with tragic consequences.

According to a report from KSL TV 5 in Salt Lake City, Utah, a Walmart medication mistake in April 2008, caused an 18 year old to fall into a coma after he was given a prescription which was 20 times stronger than it was supposed to be. A Wal-mart pharmacist failed to properly dilute the prescribed oxycodone hydrochloride as prescribed by the doctor.

A Maryland Wal-mart pharmacy lawsuit was settled for an undisclosed sum after a 66 year old man died from complications due to Wal-Mart's mistake

Comment by Trinity on 16 August 2009:

I have a 67 year old grandmother that goes through walmart and they have screwed up on her meds three times in the last 2 years or so. The Medications that she was not given where for different reasons but both for important reasons. She could have died if she hadnt gone to the doctors or been admitted in to the hospital
Comment by michael on 28 August 2009:

I have just returned from my local Walmart store at 3722 Nazareth Road, Nazareth, Pa, 18045.
I had a prescription filled on 7/3/09, This is the first
time I have ever used Walmart to fill a prescription.
I had called yesterday afternoon to have the prescription refilled. My
refill was supposed to be ready last night at 8:30pm. I went today at
noon to pick up my medication.
The original prescription was for 8 weeks, 3 pills daily @ 75 mg each.
The first problem I encountered was when I was told that I do NOT have a
prescription and needed authorization from my doctor. I said that my
original prescription was for 8 weeks, that I was given pills for 30
days, and I would like the balance due.
I was told that since it was not a full refill, it had dropped in the
system to call the doctor to get a full prescription. (This was all
discussed at the time of the original filling date about the partial
refill being fine.)
The second and most serious problem was when the pharmacist told me that
the prescription was filled for 150mg pills and not 75mg. pills. The
doctor’s prescription was NOT WRITTEN but rubber stamped with the dosage
so it was very legible. The pharmacist offered to call the doctor to see
if I should stay on 150mg pills. Does it make sense that the pharmacist
knows better than the doctor I have been seeing for years?
This is the last time I will ever use a Walmart pharmacy and probably
the last time I will shop Walmart and ever trust you again.