Thursday, April 06, 2006

if the president does it, its not illegal?

President Bush authorized the leak of secret CIA intelligence. This breaking news today stunted me because if anyone can remember that bush said when the leak happened pre-war he said he fire anyone in his administration that leaked this intelligence. Well it was him all along! So then Bush say goodbye, resign or be impeached. The Republican Party needs to stand up and ask Bush to offer his resignation, and Cheney, and um the entire cabinet. Nixon once said that wiretapping was allowed because he was the president, but I think he forgot something called rule of law. Maybe, possibly? Well I have alot do so I’ll talk about this later. So read this BBC article on the breaking news: click.


Anonymous said...

It's a testimony. That doesn't necessarily mean it's true. Don't jump to conclusions.

Aric Miller said...

I’m so inferior to you're infallible right-wing knowledge! Let time prove you wrong.