Monday, April 24, 2006

Ronald, government is the solution not the problem

I seriously wish Public transportation where I live (the suburbs of Detroit, MI) would just be a little bit better. I would take it everywhere. But right now it sucks! No trains what so ever, no subways, horrible bus system (which by the way is being reduced and removed in Livonia). Why ride public transport? Because gas prices are expected to rise to record levels this summer. Up to 100 dollars for a barrel of petroleum, this comes out to over 5 bucks a gallon at the pump. My mom is doing something right now, looking into buying a Toyota Prius. I'm trying to do something by getting a more fuel efficient vehicle. But trust me, this is not enough alone.

The consumer is NOT in power as many conservative voices are saying; the corporate executives of oil companies are in control. With oil companies reporting record profits my question to them is: Why not take that profit and reinvest into alternatives fuels and new technology? But of course they will not listen; they just waste the money on stock holders, executive salaries, and misleading television commercials. (I’m actually watching one right now).

What I hate the most is when conservatives believe that high gas prices are the result of supply and demand. Come on! It’s not a result of supply and demand. We are not running out of Oil! And no Ronald, free market capitalism is not the best thing for the nation, and government is the solution to the problem, you sad ignorant man. At least your policy bought a lot of houses in the vineyard though, right?

What needs to be done is for the federal government to take emergency action to protect the American people. Michigan’s Governor Jennifer Grandholm is asking the federal government to do just that. In addition, I would like to see President Bush take permanent action to initiate aggressive research into alternative fuels and become completely independent of foreign fuel. Hydrogen Combustion Engines are a completely feasible alternative to gasoline and can be mass produced for extremely low prices. All that needs to be done is add a new pump to the local gas station: "Hydrogen - %1.00/gal." But still I have never seen such a thing.

Why? Well the reasons are numerous and there is no one answer but what I know is that something needs to be done and we must do something about it - the consumer, the corporations, and most importantly (contrary to popular conservative belief) the government.

So with my options scarce as far as public transportation and alternative fueled vehicles, the price for energy and transportation lays in the hands not of me (the consumer) but in the hands of big business and the hand of the government which can regulate that business – and should.


Sean said...

D'you know if anything ever came out of that idea to build a subway-like thing between Detroit and Ann Arbor?

Aric Miller said...

from what I remember the idea was abandon because lack of popular support. but at least they are revamping the m-14 freeway right now. but if they did build a subway or rail system from detroit to ann arbor i would ride it everyday! i love ann arbor!