Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Media Hides Facts on Illinois Gov.

Media Matters for America never seems to disapoint me. Fox News, and now even NPR are hiding the real truth.

Summary: On April 17, numerous news outlets -- including NBC, CBS, NPR, and Fox News -- covering former Illinois governor George Ryan's conviction on corruption charges failed to mention that he is a Republican. Time magazine went a step further, omitting Ryan's Republican affiliation while reporting that "the current administration of Democrat Rod Blagojevich is also being investigated."

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Anonymous said...

As long as NBC, CBS, NPR, and Fox News don't make the same mistake as Time, it doesn't matter whether they mention political affiliation or not. Corruption is corruption, and political affiliation is irrelevant to the matter. Time was right in omitting Ryan's affiliation but wrong in including Blagojevich's.

Aric Miller said...

By being fair and balanced? Well uless i'm confused then usualy the media includes the persons political party. In addition to Time exluding Ryan's political party they exluded mentioning a relationship to other scandals in the Republican Party.

Sean said...

Generally, the media mentions party affiliations if the news item surrounds an individual who currently holds office. (Often times they will also mention party affiliations if the individual has held a high federal office in the past, but that's irrelevant to this matter.) Part of the reason for mentioning affiliations is to remind the public of current officeholders' affiliations. Since Ryan hasn't been in office since 2003, there is no reason to mention his affiliations. Blagojevich, on the other hand, is currently in office. Thus, there is reason to mention his party affiliations.